Fact: Blogging helps us to become more patient and responsible


The main reason that made me start blogging is that I wanted to be around English speakers so I could practice and enhance my English by their help.  I enjoy reading people’s posts and get to know what they think and what their beliefs are.

Then I realized that blogging actually touches your inner self! When you read a nice comment, you feel happy and proud because you’ve managed to make somebody smile or benefit from any information that you’ve given, even if it was really simple.

I also realized that I have to be patient when it comes to blogging because I may not attract people to read what I’ve written immediately, so I should produce better pieces, avoid mistakes and wait until the big hit comes! And for me this is the fun part because I like the fact that I may or may not get likes or comments.

Blogging makes me responsible upon the people who may read my posts.  I have to be respectful and honest about each word I say, without pretending.  I need to promise myself to become better and to commit to this blog and try, try and try to carry on writing.

So yes, it’s a fact.  Blogging makes us patient, responsible and excited.   It’s a community.


Want to be independent? I’ll tell you how


Remember the days when your mother used to say, “Sweetheart you have to clean your room and organize your toys”, or “do your homework in your own”.  Today I understand why these activities are important and why our families advised us to do some things alone, without any help.  It’s to make us used to the fact that there will be times when you will have to walk, talk and achieve for yourself.

  1. Have faith on God and be sure that the good times will eventually come even if things got twisted or complicated!
  2. Try to challenge yourself.  If you don’t like to go out alone in your car, then force yourself and try it without questioning too much.  You’ll then notice that your fear decreases in each try.
  3. Try to do simple things by yourself: clean your room and do fix your bed.  As much as these two activities are simple, they can actually build your independence; especially if you stick to them.  You can draw small boxes in a paper and mark your attitudes every day.  This way you’ll learn to responsible for the things that you own.  The room is yours, so take care of it.
  4. Question your fears: are they really there? Do you have an actual evidence of their existence? Are they based on an experience? Even if they’re, are these experiences enough to build a belief on them? Antony Robins said that when you question a belief, especially a false one, then you’ll make it vanish gradually.  He’s totally right.
  5. Just Go With It! make a decision and see what happens.  You’ll lose nothing if you tried!

that’s it!
hope you enjoyed the topic


The best cup of coffee requires a cold refreshing air and this is exactly what I experienced in the most beautiful place, the UK.   I visited Sheffield, Scotland and London.  Each of the three has its own special qualities that made it astonishing to me and many others.

Sheffield was the first place I visited during my visit.  I stayed at the city center, which is filled by fancy restaurants and nice places to shop.  I managed to see two rainbows at once and they looked so beautiful that most of us, tourists, took hundred pictures of them.




London!  The bus tour allowed us to see everything over there easily.  I love the sculptures, buildings and restaurants.  London has both modern and traditional buildings and that’s what I mostly love about it.  I rode the cruise for the first time in my life and took many pictures of Big Pen and the London Eye.





Scotland has many beautiful buildings and sculptures too.  Just take your coffee and enjoy the beauty of the city!!



In simpler words, I LOVE UK!!

Book Review: The Happiness Project


Reading is the food of our brains and when you choose the right book, you will improve your life and learn something new.  I recently finished reading the Happiness Project, written by Gretchen Robin.  It’s a memoir/self-help book that talks about the commitments upon the decisions or resolutions that most people make every year.  In order to do that, the writer made the project and tried to achieve the goal she’s seeking, which is happiness.  One of the things that I like about this book is that it has a guide to help the reader apply the techniques that Gretchen used. 

What I mostly love about Gretchen is that she was extremely honest and natural.  She expressed her thoughts and believes in such deep way.  Her language goes straight to the mind.  Some of her experiences are similar to mine, so I learned how to react properly in certain situations. 

We all want to be happy.  Most of us like to improve their lives with the self-help book and if you are one of us, then read the Happiness Project.  You will surely love it as I do.

I’m Lucky

I am lucky,

I can feel the wind,

Keeps moving my lashes


I can open the windows,

And feel the sun’s heat crossing my skin


I can go outside in the morning,

Hear the cars’ horns, and smile,

Because the world is still moving,

Still fine


I can see the clouds crossing,

And when it doesn’t rain,

I hope that the next ones will


I can fail once and twice,

And hear my heart beats,

Waiting for the next try


I am lucky because…

I can appreciate and for that,

I am forever grateful to God.