Truth or Dare: Pizza Vs a healthy salad

Fast food restaurants are spreading everywhere.  They are almost in every corner of any street.  Their food is so delicious and cheesy that you can’t resist your desire of eating it.  However, the inner voice always calls for healthy food and make you regret the fact that you ate the whole hamburger sandwich.  It’s not always about the amount of calories but also about the body need for healthy things like vegetables.  The question that pops now is if you had both pizza and salad in front of you, what would you choose?

If you are very hungry, you will go for the pizza without a slight chance of hesitation and eat till you are full.  We must admit that green salads don’t make us full, so we feel that we need more food to feel full, therefore better.  That’s why in most of the time, people tend to order fries, rice or pizzas with the salad.   I believe that we feel better when we get a side salad because we know that it’s good for our health, ignoring the fact that we ordered unhealthy things too!

When we’re not that hungry, we switch to salads or any light food.  Although, when we feel hungry again we go for the heavy meals again, believing that “I ate fresh fruit! Why don’t I enjoy a yummy 1000 calories meal?”.  We behave this way all the time that we stopped feeling guilty about it.  Let us just hope that the next generations will dare to feel bad about fast food and don’t turn to restaurants’ seekers as we are becoming right now.


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