Book Review: The Happiness Project


Reading is the food of our brains and when you choose the right book, you will improve your life and learn something new.  I recently finished reading the Happiness Project, written by Gretchen Robin.  It’s a memoir/self-help book that talks about the commitments upon the decisions or resolutions that most people make every year.  In order to do that, the writer made the project and tried to achieve the goal she’s seeking, which is happiness.  One of the things that I like about this book is that it has a guide to help the reader apply the techniques that Gretchen used. 

What I mostly love about Gretchen is that she was extremely honest and natural.  She expressed her thoughts and believes in such deep way.  Her language goes straight to the mind.  Some of her experiences are similar to mine, so I learned how to react properly in certain situations. 

We all want to be happy.  Most of us like to improve their lives with the self-help book and if you are one of us, then read the Happiness Project.  You will surely love it as I do.


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