Want to be independent? I’ll tell you how


Remember the days when your mother used to say, “Sweetheart you have to clean your room and organize your toys”, or “do your homework in your own”.  Today I understand why these activities are important and why our families advised us to do some things alone, without any help.  It’s to make us used to the fact that there will be times when you will have to walk, talk and achieve for yourself.

  1. Have faith on God and be sure that the good times will eventually come even if things got twisted or complicated!
  2. Try to challenge yourself.  If you don’t like to go out alone in your car, then force yourself and try it without questioning too much.  You’ll then notice that your fear decreases in each try.
  3. Try to do simple things by yourself: clean your room and do fix your bed.  As much as these two activities are simple, they can actually build your independence; especially if you stick to them.  You can draw small boxes in a paper and mark your attitudes every day.  This way you’ll learn to responsible for the things that you own.  The room is yours, so take care of it.
  4. Question your fears: are they really there? Do you have an actual evidence of their existence? Are they based on an experience? Even if they’re, are these experiences enough to build a belief on them? Antony Robins said that when you question a belief, especially a false one, then you’ll make it vanish gradually.  He’s totally right.
  5. Just Go With It! make a decision and see what happens.  You’ll lose nothing if you tried!

that’s it!
hope you enjoyed the topic


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