Fact: Blogging helps us to become more patient and responsible


The main reason that made me start blogging is that I wanted to be around English speakers so I could practice and enhance my English by their help.  I enjoy reading people’s posts and get to know what they think and what their beliefs are.

Then I realized that blogging actually touches your inner self! When you read a nice comment, you feel happy and proud because you’ve managed to make somebody smile or benefit from any information that you’ve given, even if it was really simple.

I also realized that I have to be patient when it comes to blogging because I may not attract people to read what I’ve written immediately, so I should produce better pieces, avoid mistakes and wait until the big hit comes! And for me this is the fun part because I like the fact that I may or may not get likes or comments.

Blogging makes me responsible upon the people who may read my posts.  I have to be respectful and honest about each word I say, without pretending.  I need to promise myself to become better and to commit to this blog and try, try and try to carry on writing.

So yes, it’s a fact.  Blogging makes us patient, responsible and excited.   It’s a community.



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