Dark (Part One)

A girl called Elena, sat in her brown disk and pulled out her diaries notebook.  All she could hear is the birds’ tweets outside her bedroom’s windows.  She grabbed her blue pen and wrote, “Dear Who, I don’t know why I write these things every day.  All I know is that I feel relieved when I write.  I am very excited about the prom party.  I worked the whole year, so I think I deserve to have some fun! The prom is in two weeks YAY!”  Suddenly, she heard the bus’s horn, so she closed her notebook in a hurry and ran down stairs.  While she opened the front door, her mother yelled ” what about breakfast?” “No need Mummy” Elena said.

Elena rode the bus.  Her best friend Nina yelled, “Here sis!” Elena saw her and sat next to her.  They started chatting and telling each other about their expectations of the prom night.  When the bus stopped in front of the school, they carry their bags.  When Nina grabbed her bag, she dropped a small bottle filled with pills.  Elena with a curiosity in her eyes took the bottle and asked her friend, “Hey what’s this?” Nina took it from Elena’s hand and said,” nothing! I just use them when I have a headache!” Elena said, “Oh good”. They carry on walking.

Elena and Nina were walking in the school’s  hall where most students run to their classes as the bells rings.  They entered the  class and sat in their seats.  The biography teacher entered the class and asked them to find a working partner, so they work together.  Nina and Elena wanted to stay together but the teacher made Nina move and stay with a boy called Ron.  She refused at first, but Ron said, “I will not kill you, take it easy”.  Nina took her books while Elena told her to relax.  When she set with Ron and started working, Ron said, “So are the bills enough to you? We want the money soon” Nina said,” soon you will get the money.  Now work!”  He said with a smile, “better we get them soon otherwise…” She looked at him and said, “What? Kill me? I told you will get the money just stop threading me!” The teacher looked at them and said, “What’s happening here?” Elena looked at them too.  Nina and Ron said, “Nothing”.  All the class kept working until the bell rang.

Nina took her stuff and walked toward the door.  Elena yelled “Nina wait for me”.  Nina looked at her and said, “Oh sorry.  I was in a hurry”.  Elena, while wearing her bag said, “What’s wrong?  You were okay this morning”.  Nina replied with a smile,” I am fine! What makes you think I am not?” Elena said,” I don’t know may be all because of this boy Ron.  What were you talking about when the teacher yelled?” Nina looked with an empty eye “Nothing! We were discussing the project”.  Elena said, “Really?”  Nina answered, “Yes! I wouldn’t lie to you!” Elena took her friend’s hand and said, “Let us race to the cafeteria friend” Nina said, “I’ll beat you”.  The best friends ran fast to the cafeteria and the whole school watches them and laughs.

In the cafeteria, Elena and Nina took their food and sat together in the table.  Elena said with excitement, “I cannot believe you are wearing your mother’s dress.  It’s precious.  Lucky you!”.  Nina looked at her friend with a smile, “Well she can’t come to the prom because you know she is dead!” Elena smiled at her friend’s humorous way of expressing.  Nina continued, “So her dress will be with me in the special night”.  “You have to come with me today!”, Elena said.  “Sure”, Nina replied.  They kept eating until the next class.

Students went out the school and they hurried to buses.  Elena hold her hair up the minute she rode the bus saying,” God! It’s hot”.  Nina looked at her, “Yes it is”.  The bus started moving and Nina suddenly saw Ron standing outside and looking at her.  she closed her blue eyes and thought,” what I am going to do?”  Elena looked at her and asked, “Are you tired?”  Nina looked at her and answered, “No I am not.  Don’t forget you are going to buy a dress today”.  Elena with a big smile said, “Yes I am!”  They laughed and talked until each of them arrived home after long day of school.

Nina entered her house and looked for her father.   Then she said to herself with a relief, “Good! He is not here”.  She ran into his room and started looking for money so she gets rid of Ron.  She found some, when she turned she saw her father who was mad and drunk as usual.  He started hitting her in the face.  He took the money from her.  Nina ran to her room crying and hoping that her mother could come back just for one day.

Elena was drinking tea her parents.  She was talking about the prom night and her parents were listening to her happily.  “I cannot believe that today I will go and buy the dress”.  Her mother laughed and asked her,” is Nina going with you?”.  Elena answered, “Of course Mummy. Although… “.  “What’s wrong sweetheart?”, her father asked her.  Elena looked at her parents and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Nina these days.  She is silent most of the time.  Her eyes are not sad but a bit dull, like if there is no life inside her”.  Elena’s mother hugged her saying, “May be she thinks of her mother”.  Elena said, “May be! I wish I could help her”.  Her father looked at her and told her, “You can help her by not leaving her alone honey”.

Nina was in her room.  She was looking at her face in the mirror.  She shaded a hot tear that draw a line in her sad face.  She grabbed her school bag and took the bottle of bills.  She took one and looked at it for a moment.  She said with a deep breath, “this is me, a drug dealer”.  She took the pill and hided the bottle in her school bag.  Then she opened her wallet and she could found is a couple of dollars.  “What will I do?” she said while she put her wallet in another bag and left the room.

To Be Continued


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