Dark (Part Three)

Elena told her parents that Nina is a drug dealer and that Ron told her everything.  Suddenly, Nina knocked the door.  Elena’s mother opened the door and screamed at Nina,” Please don’t come here again.  You are no longer Elena’s friend.  Please go now”.  Nina asked her to listen to her but the mother didn’t give her a chance, so she left desperately.

Nina was in front of her house when the mail man came.  She gave him a letter and entered her house.  Her father was lying in the sofa.  She looked at him and said,” Good bye father”.  She entered her room and wore her mother’s black dress.  She took the pills and took them all at once.  She lied down in her bed and asked herself, “All I have to do is wait, Wait to death”.  Nina was listening to the birds’ tweets outside the house, when she took her last breaths.

Elena was preparing herself for the prom when she heard the door’s bell.  She opened the door and it was the mailman.  He gave her a letter and left after she thanked him.  She saw Nina’s name on it.  She thought, “I will not open it.  She is no longer my friend”.  She entered the room, put the letter in her disk and continued preparing for the prom.

Nina’s father opened the door of his daughter’s room.  He noticed that she was a bit blue.  His heart started to beat fast as he come closer from her.  He tried to wake her up but she didn’t respond.  He ran to the phone and called the ambulance,” Help! My daughter is sick I don’t know what’s wrong! I am in square 2 in Lane Street”.  He tried again to wake Nina up but she wasn’t even breathing.

Elena left her house and took the taxi.  She was happy and excited for the prom.  When she crossed next to Nina’s house, she saw an ambulance.  Her heart began to beat faster than anything else.  She asked the taxi to stop.  She ran inside the house and saw them carrying Nina.  She screamed, “what happened to Nina?”.  Nobody answered her because they were running to the hospital.  She ran to the taxi and asked the driver to follow the ambulance.

In the hospital, Elena and Nina’s father were waiting for the doctor.  After some time, the doctor came with a sad face, “we did everything we could.  I am sorry for your lost”.  Elena and Nina’s father we shocked and they cried and cried but tears wouldn’t bring Nina back.

Elena locked herself in her room.  She was sad and couldn’t believe that she won’t see her friend anymore.  She saw the letter that Nina sent to her before she died.  She cried and cried because she didn’t give her friend a chance.  Then she opened the letter and read,” Dear Elena.  I am sorry for the pain I will cause you after I die.  My life wasn’t great.  I wasn’t happy at all. After my mother died, a part of me died with her.  I couldn’t carry on life with drugs or a drunken father.  This is what I wanted to do for a long time, to put a limit for this torture.  Don’t blame yourself for not talking to me.  Live happy and remember me with happy smile.  Nina.”  Elena left the letter in her disk and went to walk in the street.  She remembered her races with Nina.  She also remembered how Nina used to laugh and joke about things.  Suddenly, Elena saw a seven years old girl trying to ride her bicycle.  She came closer from her and helped her.  The girl smiled and said, “You are kind.  Can you be my friend?” Elena shade tears and answered, “I am not a good friend dear”.  She left the girl and walked in the street with empty eyes just like Nina’s eyes before she died.

The End



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