What My Sister Got Me from Europe<3

My sister and her adorable family visited several beautiful European countries: Germany, Holland, France and Belgium.  They swam in Germany, learned about cheese and hugged cute birds in the Netherlands, played in Disney land in France and the list goes on.  They told me about their adventures and what they liked the most in each country.  As their stories were so entertaining, I was more curious about my gift ^guilty smile^:)


Before they leave, I told my niece that I wanted to have a “Mickey Mouse Ears” from France, which is a bit childish considering that I am 22 year old! But I really wanted to have it and I never thought that she would remember but luckily for me, she did.  The price of it is a bit expensive and I know that because Blair Fowler did mention it in one her YouTube videos.  But it totally deserves it.  The next thing that my sister got me is a shower cream, along with a lip palm.  I think that these two are from Germany.  They smell AWESOME “Strawberries’ flavor”! The third gift is a beautiful keys medal in the form of The Eiffel Tower, which of course from the gorgeous France.  The last gift is a classy long necklace in black color.

Gifts make me happy because they prove for me that the other people have thought of me even if I wasn’t with them.  Plus they help me full my closet YAY!

Hope you enjoyed my post

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