I Miss School

Today I visited my sister and her sweet family.   We had a nice walk in the street sidewalk and enjoyed a delicious home- made pizza.  Then I asked my niece to show me her new school outfit, bag and other school supplies.  When she showed them to me, I was like, OH I Miss school so much.  I miss carrying heavy books, lunch box and huge files filled by unorganized papers all in one compartment while the others are empty (I was so unorganized I admit).  I miss walking with my friends and sharing experiences together.


(These papers are the ones I decided to keep as a memory after I graduated from college.  Everything looks messy because I was looking for a paper once and had to pull everything out! I seriously should make papers look neater!)

Sometimes I feel that I don’t have many good memories about my school days, but I really want to experience everything once again.  To be honest, after finishing college and school, I feel that I stopped learning! Yes I read, write and watch TV programs but I believe that school is different because we get to share the experience with a whole student- teacher community.  We get embarrassed, excited and proud; and everyone else is feeling the same thing that you do.  Isn’t that just great? I believe it is.

This is a wake-up alert for me to find something new exiting thing to learn and participate with others.  May be learning a third language, making scientific experiments or improve mathematics skills.  In simple phrase, learning is never boring as long as you have the desire and the strength to try a brand new thing.

That’s it.

Thanks for reading.

NO MAKEUP makeup :)


Make up stores and products are spreading everywhere.  There are new trends everyday but which one is the best? Simply, the natural looks are the best because they reflect your own beauty.  You can cover any skin issue by only using a couple of products: moisturizer, sun block, foundation, concealer, blusher, mascara (if wanted) and lipstick; and following these easy steps:

  • First, you’ll need a moisturizer/primer because they’ll help your skin to soften and get prepared for the next product.  You can use Nivea Nourishing Day Care Cream, Olay or any other product that suits your skin type.  Make sure that you massage your skin while putting creams because it’ll help to relax the face muscles.
  • Second, apply sun block and I cannot stress this enough.  Studies showed that sun block can prevent the damage of the sun’s light and heat; that leads to wrinkles and skin serious diseases.  A good product is Bioderma sun cream or any product you feel comfortable with.  The good news is that many beauty products have an SPF (sun protection), but it’s good to have an extra protection.
  • Third, apply foundation that suits your skin color and type.  Foundations are good for coverage, so if you happen to have pimples; acne; spots or dark circles, then foundation is your friend.  You can apply it using a foundation brush, sponge or simply your fingers.  Make sure that you use a suitable quantity of it which means that you shouldn’t make a whole thick layer over your face but also not very little.  Try to be in the middle and that’s to build good coverage and also flawless skin.  Good foundations brands are: Revlon, Mac and many others.  The key is to find the ONE product that REALLY suits your skin.

P.S: If your skin clear and perfect, you can easily use BB cream from Garnier or Olay.  It’s good for softening and light coverage.

  • Fourth step is to conceal any blemishes, spots and dark areas: under the eye.   For that you’ll need a concealer.  Applying it is so easy but make sure that you tab it instead of sweeping it.  This way you’ll get enough coverage using less product.  Brands like Mac, Rimmel and Maxfactor have good concealers.  You only have to pick the one that suits you.
  • Fifth, now you can apply some eyeliner or even Mascara if you want to be so natural.
  • Sixth, apply bronze blush to contour your face.  Basically, at the very top of your forehead and the cheek bones.  Contouring helps to define the face and many brands have many shades of it: Matt or shimmery bronze. Along with this step you could apply blush which mostly is on bronze or pinkish colors.
  • The final step is applying lipsticks or glosses.  You can choose the color you like from any makeup brand.

Now you’ll look natural and beautiful all at once.

That’s it

Thanks for reading.