Favorite Beauty Products of August/September

Favorite beauty products for the month of August/September

Today I thought I could write about my favorite products of August, along with September too.


  • My top favorite product is the Mac Gel Eyeliner.  What I mostly like about it is that it doesn’t dry out with time.  This very important because if the product dries out, then it’ll be hard to apply and will eventually stop using it!  Some YouTube beauty gurus introduced some solutions for this problem, but with MAC I haven’t faced any problem.
  • The next favorite products are the Rimmel London Kate Lipstick: 101(pink), Rossetto rouge: 077 Asia:  beautiful colors with gorgeous smells and affordable prices.
  • The Revlon ColorStay foundation: lasts for a long time and definitely can manage hot weather.  What I mostly love about it is that it doesn’t dries the skin during and afterwards.  With foundations, it’s important to choose the product that really suits your skin type whether it’s dry, oily or combination of the two.
  • Rimmel powder blush (bronze color): helps to contour the face and adds a sparkle to the face.

SAMSUNGthat’s it!

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