Daily Diary 1: thoughts thoughts thoughts

Greetings everyone!


It’s been a long time since the last I have written. I’ve been so busy focusing in my job: translation and other things.  All of a sudden I decided to write something, anything.  I decided to write my diaries here in my blog and will try to stick to them every once in a while.  I thought that when I will find a job, then all my worries will disappear but turned out that there are many challenges and the competition; oh the competition doesn’t stop at all.  We never stop being tested and everyone is doing something and hopes for something higher.

I ask myself a lot now about my dreams and what I want to do next.  Am I supposed to try something that is new for me; something I have never tried before.  Some other thought yelled at me, “seriously? Now you ask what you really want?” I felt guilty because I am in age where I should have a clear vision of what I want! I am not unhappy but I am not thrilled either.  I am just scared.  I am always scared of anything.  Maybe things will turn on just fine, as they’re supposed to be.

Just keep swimming,


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