Dear Who…

Writing diaries is the easiest way of recording major life events.  They don’t have a certain format; they just flow naturally as we express our thoughts.  Quotes, anecdotes and conversations are all documented.

Days ago I had a look of my journal, trying to find something meaningful to remember as I forgot most of the things I’ve written many years ago.  I started to flip pages; page after page and guess what? I found nothing really interesting.  All I talked about is school and some other small achievements that I have made at a certain time.  Why did these things mattered to me at that time? Why do we feel happy when we buy something new, eat something delicious or show a good attitude? It’s a happiness of the moment thing.  When we cheer up for maybe a day or two, we write them in detail so we don’t miss out a thing.  As soon as it’s written, it’s forgotten.

Nowadays, it’s easy to record stuff as the technology improves.  We write and take pictures of those moments.  We get a lot of memories and journals but we forget them with time or we just lose our interest.  In fact, some people just rip their diaries because they don’t mean a thing anymore.  We keep writing with knowing that no one besides us will ever read those journals. In fact, we call the person who sneaks a peek at someone’s journal a nosy person.  Diaries allow us to get the chance to say what we want with no fear of judgment.

One day, maybe, we’ll show those diaries to our children or grandchildren.  We may teach them something even if we think that those memories are so ordinary to be remembered.  The bottom line is that journals are so useful, otherwise how could we have known about history.  Keep a journal as it may take you for a journey you weren’t familiar with.