If I had Wings


If I Had Wings

Life is a song – sing it. Life is a game – play it. Life is a challenge – meet it. Life is a dream – realize it. Life is a sacrifice – offer it. Life is love – enjoy it”, Sai Baba


Just the other day I was reading the newspaper and it occurred to me how much there are variations of people’s life situations. Some are living their happy ever after, others are managing and most are fighting; which makes me wonder if I was selfish to live peacefully while others are fighting for freedom or against poverty. As I am very grateful for the blessings God has given us but I think that we should do something to improve others’ lives the way we would love if we experience the same incidents.


Many people believe that life doesn’t stop at someone’s situation and time always passes in sorrow or in happiness. I ask myself these questions and all this news of wars and hunger that we watch every day on TV crosses my mind and feel guilty for living normally as if there were nothing happening. I wonder if others feel the same as I do. What could we do for crying children who need to get safety and tenderness? What is the cost of giving a child a reason to go on? Do I have the urge to tell these children that life isn’t supposed to be this difficult? How can I say so if they had experienced a lot more that I did in such a young age?

People from all over the world, along with the Governments have done a lot to help those in need. This shows that the world is holding still and humanity can manage to survive. Our world isn’t ideal, nor we are but we’ve been given senses that allow us to feel the world surrounding us and decide what we think is right or wrong. We know what happens but we tend to forget -or act to forget- in order to rescue ourselves from passive sadness that we feel towards the horrifying things that are happening with other people from different places. We do live in different situations and try to live it out naturally.

I don’t know the answers of most of questions that I’ve mentioned. May be it’s because I never take my answers seriously as I am ascertain that I have no clue of people’s experiences except for the small knowledge I had from media. To be honest, I don’t think that people would take my questions seriously for the same exact reasons, so I prefer to remain silence and pretend to live naturally as others do.

I probably will read the news stories as I usually do normally, or even read their headlines and skip the rest because I have nothing to do or say except praying for those who are suffering. I guess that my response to these events will remain the same and I’ll always wonder if it’s right or wrong to live this why. My last question is what if I were the one who is suffering, what would I think about those who pretend as if nothing is happening? If I had wings I would’ve fly away from this world, to a place where there aren’t any wars or struggles. This is indeed the most optimistic I could be in this heartbreaking situation.  


Dear Who…

Writing diaries is the easiest way of recording major life events.  They don’t have a certain format; they just flow naturally as we express our thoughts.  Quotes, anecdotes and conversations are all documented.

Days ago I had a look of my journal, trying to find something meaningful to remember as I forgot most of the things I’ve written many years ago.  I started to flip pages; page after page and guess what? I found nothing really interesting.  All I talked about is school and some other small achievements that I have made at a certain time.  Why did these things mattered to me at that time? Why do we feel happy when we buy something new, eat something delicious or show a good attitude? It’s a happiness of the moment thing.  When we cheer up for maybe a day or two, we write them in detail so we don’t miss out a thing.  As soon as it’s written, it’s forgotten.

Nowadays, it’s easy to record stuff as the technology improves.  We write and take pictures of those moments.  We get a lot of memories and journals but we forget them with time or we just lose our interest.  In fact, some people just rip their diaries because they don’t mean a thing anymore.  We keep writing with knowing that no one besides us will ever read those journals. In fact, we call the person who sneaks a peek at someone’s journal a nosy person.  Diaries allow us to get the chance to say what we want with no fear of judgment.

One day, maybe, we’ll show those diaries to our children or grandchildren.  We may teach them something even if we think that those memories are so ordinary to be remembered.  The bottom line is that journals are so useful, otherwise how could we have known about history.  Keep a journal as it may take you for a journey you weren’t familiar with.

Daily Diary 2: Talking About…. Nothing really!


I had a long meeting today.  I just listened to people arguing and discussing many issues.  I had nothing to say this time.  Well, nothing to say in every time.  I am having a trouble with coming along with my colleagues.  Probably because they all are older than me and have Masters and PHDs! My days aren’t similar.  They’re very mysterious and even though I try to set a routine for myself, there is always a thing that occurs and changes everything.  I wake up and get prepared for the day.  I make my coffee and carry my mug to the car.  I drink it while I watch people around me.  they’re like everywhere.  Each of them is going somewhere, reaching for something and think of something that could be different or maybe similar to what i usually think about. I enjoy the observation.  I just love to see the people.  their faces tell me a story.  Every glance and every movement.

When I returned from work today, I was very upset over absolutely nothing.  I was tired and hungry.  In days like these, I usually like to reward myself with a delicious Burger King meal, Whopper.  Not this time.  I didn’t want to do that.  My depression of the day, yes i have many types of depression in every single day, continued till 7 pm.  After that it was all over.  the reason is that I worked out at the gym for a whole hour.  The best hour of this week I gotta say! as I ran my depression was releasing from my body and soul.  With every breath! It was an amazing feeling.  After the jogging, I had a class with the trainer, who was really adorable.  Again, the whole twisted feelings vanished gradually.  I basically not only got rid of those feelings, I got to boost my happiness.

I know that I am a very stressed person.  I worry about anything even if it was so cheering.  All I do is thinking negatively.  I find something wrong in everyday and when something bad really happens, I think about it over and over again until I ruin every possible opportunity of being happy in that main day.  So, I decided to shut up and never talk and nag about my life with my closest sisters and friends because it’s bad enough that I think about these things to myself.  This was already tiring so I didn’t want to load the load! Working out really worked for me.  I am thinking of having yoga classes too.

Hope I’ll keep swimming


Daily Diary 1: thoughts thoughts thoughts

Greetings everyone!


It’s been a long time since the last I have written. I’ve been so busy focusing in my job: translation and other things.  All of a sudden I decided to write something, anything.  I decided to write my diaries here in my blog and will try to stick to them every once in a while.  I thought that when I will find a job, then all my worries will disappear but turned out that there are many challenges and the competition; oh the competition doesn’t stop at all.  We never stop being tested and everyone is doing something and hopes for something higher.

I ask myself a lot now about my dreams and what I want to do next.  Am I supposed to try something that is new for me; something I have never tried before.  Some other thought yelled at me, “seriously? Now you ask what you really want?” I felt guilty because I am in age where I should have a clear vision of what I want! I am not unhappy but I am not thrilled either.  I am just scared.  I am always scared of anything.  Maybe things will turn on just fine, as they’re supposed to be.

Just keep swimming,


Favorite Beauty Products of August/September

Favorite beauty products for the month of August/September

Today I thought I could write about my favorite products of August, along with September too.


  • My top favorite product is the Mac Gel Eyeliner.  What I mostly like about it is that it doesn’t dry out with time.  This very important because if the product dries out, then it’ll be hard to apply and will eventually stop using it!  Some YouTube beauty gurus introduced some solutions for this problem, but with MAC I haven’t faced any problem.
  • The next favorite products are the Rimmel London Kate Lipstick: 101(pink), Rossetto rouge: 077 Asia:  beautiful colors with gorgeous smells and affordable prices.
  • The Revlon ColorStay foundation: lasts for a long time and definitely can manage hot weather.  What I mostly love about it is that it doesn’t dries the skin during and afterwards.  With foundations, it’s important to choose the product that really suits your skin type whether it’s dry, oily or combination of the two.
  • Rimmel powder blush (bronze color): helps to contour the face and adds a sparkle to the face.

SAMSUNGthat’s it!

One of THOSE Days: Having a Problem with Someone?

Yesterday was one of those days where you pick a fight or get sensitive over some people’s comments or attitudes.  The days where you decide to explode after a long time of patience and silence.  At least this is what I thougGod-will-make-a-way-when-there-seems-to-be-no-way.ht but for the first time I felt that may be I am not a sensitive person as I think about myself.  Maybe it’s good to say that you’re upset over something, regardless of how people may react or think.  It’s that simple!  When people around us tend to say what they like and don’t like, why should we shut our mouths when theirs are widely opened?  So after thinking for a while, I thought that yes I will talk to this person and list the things that bothered me, instead of gossiping and carrying a heavy luggage in my heart.  Trust me, after the long peaceful talk we had, I felt really good.  My heart lightened and my mind cleared.  Why is that? Because I managed to translate my feelings maybe for the first time in my life! And to make this post more valuable for readers, I decided to do a small research on human relationships, problems and how to deal with them?

So how the human relationships work?

Communication process evolves from three main areas: listening, feedback and conflict resolution or problem solving.  In simple words, we listen, react and have some complexities with each other.  We deal with people at work, home and even with total strangers at the same exact way over and over again.  What differs is that sometimes you get upset over someone; or someone gets upset over you.  This process becomes communicational (is this word correct?) because we use the technique of “feedback“: sending and receiving messages (and this is what I used to fix the problem I had yesterday).   Feedback grows with discussions and then leads to a conclusion that could be positive or negative.

When do problems occur?

Everyone has their own problems and they differ in many ways: characters, time, plot and place (That’s a play not a problem!); but the roots of these different problems are always the same:

  • Different perspectives and opinions
  • Gossiping
  • Betray
  • Cultural differences and beliefs
  • Jealousy
  •  Aggressive competition
  • Arrogance: When people believe that others are nothing compared to them
  • Chemistry just doesn’t match!
  • misunderstanding

The reasons go on and on as societies and people grow in age and number.  Unfortunately, these reasons lead to fights, total abandonment, misunderstanding and hate.  And each of us get to choose how to deal with any problem and by our responds, we can make solutions, or only make the problems get bigger.

How to deal with problems like that?

The first thing you should do is calm down, because if you don’t, you’ll end up making bad decisions and saying the wrong things.  Sometimes, writing down the whole experience helps you to see the problem in front of you and then make the solutions you think are right.  I prefer writing more than telling everyone around me what happened and that’s because when I talk to my friends or anyone close from me for example, they’ll always consider me the right one even if I was the one who is wrong.  So writing or even drawing will make you face YOURSELF, so you could see where you were wrong.  Then decide what you want to do.  After that, apply your decision but try to be fast, you don’t want to back off and hide what upsets you.  The final thing is accept the conclusion, whether it was positive or negative: the other person may not accept your perspective, or they may keep annoying you non- stop.  In that case remember this saying, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” -Dr. Maya Angelou.  You can choose to ignore them or maybe become really formal so you draw a line between you and them.

I know that the social problems aren’t as big as health problems or any huge problem but it changes our mood, which means that we care.  Remember that honesty and facing what bothers us always works the best.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post




Writing Gallery Is Nominated For The LIEBSTER Award

Today I’ve got a sweet notification from a new friend, Kubra, telling me that she nominated me for The LIEBSTER Award!  Honestly I didn’t know about this award until today; it’s specialized for bloggers who just started and have less than 400 followers.  I started blogging in 2012 and only in the last couple months, I came back and stick to it.  Knowing that there are other bloggers that will always encourage you is really flattering.  Thank you Kubra and I totally recommend everyone to check her amazing blog, “My Luggage Is Elsewhere”.

So what are the rules of this award?

1. Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.

2. Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 400 followers.

4. Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them.

Now, me applying the rules:

1-            Kubra at http://myluggwhere.wordpress.com/

2- answering questions:

  If you could have one special power, what would it be?

The power of total ignorance of anything that would bother me

At what age of your life will you consider yourself “old?”

Never and ever

Hard copy of a book or electronic edition? Why?

A book; because I always prefer the traditional ways of anything.

What is the most amazing place you have ever been to?

London, Regent Park

Do you blog more for yourself or for others to read?

For myself, I seriously need to practice English.

Sunday – a pajamas day, or a day out?

Pajamas day

What is your biggest talent?

Acting LOL

What is one thing without which you never go out?

I don’t know, may be the phone.

Country or a city life?

The city life! I just adore the rush!

What’s one of the strangest thing you have ever done?

I tend to talk to myself while driving!

3-            My nominees are few because I haven’t participated until recently:



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4–            Questions:

Iphone or Galaxy?

What’s your favorite book?

What’s your dream job?

What’s motivates you to write?

What’s your favorite dish (food)?

What kind of sport do you like and why?

Nature or urban life?

Who influenced you the most in your life?

Whose blog do you like to read every day?

What’s your favorite quote or saying?

That’s it!

Enjoy answering the questions and good luck.

Why to Comment When We Don’t Have To?

The day I passed the exam and gained the position of a translator job- Thank You God-, I was wandering around and looking for the place where I should sign some papers to make everything official.  I found a woman who was in charge and told her that I’m going to be working now but I needed someone to tell me where I should go to sign the papers.  She looked at me with a smile, “You didn’t get the job yet, you just passed the exam”.  I said nothing and just listened to the instructions and turned away.  As I walk far from her, I was thinking that didn’t she supposed to say congratulations or maybe say nothing? When you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all, isn’t that better? This way you won’t hurt anyone.  I know that I won’t start working now but I just said what I said because I just said it naturally with a spirit filled with happiness and excitement.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” -Dr. Maya Angelou

I love this saying and I try to follow it every day.  I also believe in ignorance and how it can help us to walk through criticism and discouraging comments.  I once read that our response of the incidents that happen to us is what controls how we feel.  I am just happy that my happiness didn’t break in that very special day of my life and I truly forgave her for the comment she made.  I just hope that I will always be strong enough to handle happiness breakers!

That’s it!

Feel free to share your thoughts.

What My Sister Got Me from Europe<3

My sister and her adorable family visited several beautiful European countries: Germany, Holland, France and Belgium.  They swam in Germany, learned about cheese and hugged cute birds in the Netherlands, played in Disney land in France and the list goes on.  They told me about their adventures and what they liked the most in each country.  As their stories were so entertaining, I was more curious about my gift ^guilty smile^:)


Before they leave, I told my niece that I wanted to have a “Mickey Mouse Ears” from France, which is a bit childish considering that I am 22 year old! But I really wanted to have it and I never thought that she would remember but luckily for me, she did.  The price of it is a bit expensive and I know that because Blair Fowler did mention it in one her YouTube videos.  But it totally deserves it.  The next thing that my sister got me is a shower cream, along with a lip palm.  I think that these two are from Germany.  They smell AWESOME “Strawberries’ flavor”! The third gift is a beautiful keys medal in the form of The Eiffel Tower, which of course from the gorgeous France.  The last gift is a classy long necklace in black color.

Gifts make me happy because they prove for me that the other people have thought of me even if I wasn’t with them.  Plus they help me full my closet YAY!

Hope you enjoyed my post

Feel free to share your thoughts