Why to Comment When We Don’t Have To?

The day I passed the exam and gained the position of a translator job- Thank You God-, I was wandering around and looking for the place where I should sign some papers to make everything official.  I found a woman who was in charge and told her that I’m going to be working now but I needed someone to tell me where I should go to sign the papers.  She looked at me with a smile, “You didn’t get the job yet, you just passed the exam”.  I said nothing and just listened to the instructions and turned away.  As I walk far from her, I was thinking that didn’t she supposed to say congratulations or maybe say nothing? When you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all, isn’t that better? This way you won’t hurt anyone.  I know that I won’t start working now but I just said what I said because I just said it naturally with a spirit filled with happiness and excitement.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” -Dr. Maya Angelou

I love this saying and I try to follow it every day.  I also believe in ignorance and how it can help us to walk through criticism and discouraging comments.  I once read that our response of the incidents that happen to us is what controls how we feel.  I am just happy that my happiness didn’t break in that very special day of my life and I truly forgave her for the comment she made.  I just hope that I will always be strong enough to handle happiness breakers!

That’s it!

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What My Sister Got Me from Europe<3

My sister and her adorable family visited several beautiful European countries: Germany, Holland, France and Belgium.  They swam in Germany, learned about cheese and hugged cute birds in the Netherlands, played in Disney land in France and the list goes on.  They told me about their adventures and what they liked the most in each country.  As their stories were so entertaining, I was more curious about my gift ^guilty smile^:)


Before they leave, I told my niece that I wanted to have a “Mickey Mouse Ears” from France, which is a bit childish considering that I am 22 year old! But I really wanted to have it and I never thought that she would remember but luckily for me, she did.  The price of it is a bit expensive and I know that because Blair Fowler did mention it in one her YouTube videos.  But it totally deserves it.  The next thing that my sister got me is a shower cream, along with a lip palm.  I think that these two are from Germany.  They smell AWESOME “Strawberries’ flavor”! The third gift is a beautiful keys medal in the form of The Eiffel Tower, which of course from the gorgeous France.  The last gift is a classy long necklace in black color.

Gifts make me happy because they prove for me that the other people have thought of me even if I wasn’t with them.  Plus they help me full my closet YAY!

Hope you enjoyed my post

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Dark (Part Three)

Elena told her parents that Nina is a drug dealer and that Ron told her everything.  Suddenly, Nina knocked the door.  Elena’s mother opened the door and screamed at Nina,” Please don’t come here again.  You are no longer Elena’s friend.  Please go now”.  Nina asked her to listen to her but the mother didn’t give her a chance, so she left desperately.

Nina was in front of her house when the mail man came.  She gave him a letter and entered her house.  Her father was lying in the sofa.  She looked at him and said,” Good bye father”.  She entered her room and wore her mother’s black dress.  She took the pills and took them all at once.  She lied down in her bed and asked herself, “All I have to do is wait, Wait to death”.  Nina was listening to the birds’ tweets outside the house, when she took her last breaths.

Elena was preparing herself for the prom when she heard the door’s bell.  She opened the door and it was the mailman.  He gave her a letter and left after she thanked him.  She saw Nina’s name on it.  She thought, “I will not open it.  She is no longer my friend”.  She entered the room, put the letter in her disk and continued preparing for the prom.

Nina’s father opened the door of his daughter’s room.  He noticed that she was a bit blue.  His heart started to beat fast as he come closer from her.  He tried to wake her up but she didn’t respond.  He ran to the phone and called the ambulance,” Help! My daughter is sick I don’t know what’s wrong! I am in square 2 in Lane Street”.  He tried again to wake Nina up but she wasn’t even breathing.

Elena left her house and took the taxi.  She was happy and excited for the prom.  When she crossed next to Nina’s house, she saw an ambulance.  Her heart began to beat faster than anything else.  She asked the taxi to stop.  She ran inside the house and saw them carrying Nina.  She screamed, “what happened to Nina?”.  Nobody answered her because they were running to the hospital.  She ran to the taxi and asked the driver to follow the ambulance.

In the hospital, Elena and Nina’s father were waiting for the doctor.  After some time, the doctor came with a sad face, “we did everything we could.  I am sorry for your lost”.  Elena and Nina’s father we shocked and they cried and cried but tears wouldn’t bring Nina back.

Elena locked herself in her room.  She was sad and couldn’t believe that she won’t see her friend anymore.  She saw the letter that Nina sent to her before she died.  She cried and cried because she didn’t give her friend a chance.  Then she opened the letter and read,” Dear Elena.  I am sorry for the pain I will cause you after I die.  My life wasn’t great.  I wasn’t happy at all. After my mother died, a part of me died with her.  I couldn’t carry on life with drugs or a drunken father.  This is what I wanted to do for a long time, to put a limit for this torture.  Don’t blame yourself for not talking to me.  Live happy and remember me with happy smile.  Nina.”  Elena left the letter in her disk and went to walk in the street.  She remembered her races with Nina.  She also remembered how Nina used to laugh and joke about things.  Suddenly, Elena saw a seven years old girl trying to ride her bicycle.  She came closer from her and helped her.  The girl smiled and said, “You are kind.  Can you be my friend?” Elena shade tears and answered, “I am not a good friend dear”.  She left the girl and walked in the street with empty eyes just like Nina’s eyes before she died.

The End


Dark (Part Two)

Nina went to Elena’s house.  She knocked the door and Elena’s mother opened the door with a smile and said, “hi Nina.  How are you?”.  Nina smiled back and replied, “I am fine.  How are you all?”.”We are fine.  Come in”, Elena’s mother said.  Nina entered the house and said, “thank you”.  Elena’s mother looked at her Nina’s outfit and said, “I like your outfit! Lovely black jeans”.  Nina looked at herself and said, “Oh.  Thank you”.  Suddenly, Elena entered the living room and yelled “hey Nina”.  Nina looked at her and replied, “Hi you.  Let’s get going!”.  They left the house and went to the mall by a taxi.

In the mall, Elena and Nina were walking from a shop to another.  They finally saw a nice dress.  They entered the shop and took a deep look of the dress.  It was red and filled by beautiful ornaments in the sides.  It was amazing.  Elena went to the changing room to see if the dress fits.  Nina sat in one of the chairs.  Suddenly, someone whispered to her saying, “do you think I will leave you enjoy drugs without baying the check”.  Nina looked with a surprise,” Ron! Were you following me? I will bay you back soon.  Just go!”.”Believe me you are destroying yourself with these excuses”.   Nina looked at him and asked, “What do you mean?”.  “it means that may be you lose your friend soon”, Ron answered.  “If you touched her, I swear to God that I will kill you” Nina yelled.  He laughed while he took off.   Nina looked at him while he left the shop.  Elena finished trying the dress and ran to Nina who was thinking about Ron’s threads.  “The dress is amazing.  It fits YAY!”, Elena screamed.  Nina replied happily, “That’s great.  I am happy for you!”.  They took the dress and left the mall.  Elena was expressing her happiness and excitement about the dress and prom nights while Nina was thinking about her problem with Ron.

After Elena came back to her home, she entered her room.  She left her dress in the closet, sat on her disk and pulled her diaries notebook.  She held her pen and wrote, “Dear Who, I am happy today because I got the things that I really wanted in my life.  I have a great family.  I have a great friend, Nina who has been my friend for more than 5 years.  I am happy because I finally got a dress, the dress”.  After she finished writing, she turned off her lamb and jumped to her pink bed and slept.

Nina was in her room.  She pulled out her pills from the bag and took one.  She put them back with a deep breath.  She held one of her books but she returned it after seconds.  Suddenly, she heard a laud screams.  She stood up and opened the door.  She went to the living room and saw her father drinking with his friends.  Then, she came back, took her jacket and left the house.  The weather was cold, so she was breathing fast.  She ran to the cemetery to visit her dead mother.  When she arrived, she stopped for a while and remained silence with hot tears in her eyes.  She sat next to her mother’s grave and said,” hello mother! It’s me, your only daughter.  Are you mad at me?” Nina looked at the rough white grave.  She wasn’t expecting an answer but somehow, she wanted to hear her mother’s voice again.  She continued talking,” I am sorry I didn’t come to visit you before.  It’s been one year since you passed away.  For me, you are here in my heart.  I’m ok mum and my life is just great.  I will graduate from school soon.  I don’t know what I am going to do but I will figure it out, I guess! I have to leave you but I think I will see you soon”.  Nina stopped talking for a while.  Then she stood up and left the cemetery.

In the morning, Elena rode the bus and didn’t see Nina.  She asked the diver about her and he said that she may come later.

Nina closed the front door and said to herself, “today I will find a job.  I have too”.  She walked in the neighborhood.  She saw an old man with 4 dogs.  She ran to him and said, “Hello sir.  Do you need someone to walk the dogs in the beach? I will take 20 dollars for one hour” The old man looked at her desperate eyes and said, “Well, walk them for two hours and return them to that house”.  He pointed to his house.  Nina smiled and said, “thank you.”  She took the dogs and started walking them.

Elena was sitting alone in the class.  Ron entered the class.  he looked at Elena,” where is Nina?”  She looked at him with question marks in her eyes and asked, “She is not here today.  Why are you asking about her?” Ron said rudely,” Your drug dealer friend took money from me”.  Elena stood up and yelled, “What’s wrong with you? Nina is not a drug dealer”.  He smiled and asked, “Are you sure? Nina used to take drugs from my friend and she never bay him back.  I have been asking her to bay the money but she always runs away”.  Elena looked at him and left the room.

Nina was in her room counting the money happily.  She thought to herself,” I have 40 dollars.  I will give Ron the money and all this will end”.  Suddenly, Elena entered her room and yelled, “Do you take drugs? Are you a drug dealer?”.  Nina looked at her and didn’t say anything.  Elena screamed, “of course you are”.  Elena left the room and Nina took the money and ran after Elena but she didn’t listen to her.

Nina returned to her house and called Ron.  Once he answered the phone, she yelled at him, “What were you thinking? Why did you tell her about me?”. “Give me the money now.  I am in front of your house”, Ron replied.  She through the phone in the bed and went to the front door and through the money in Ron’s face.  He took the money and disappeared without saying a word.  Nina locked the front door of her house and walked to Elena’s house.

To Be Continued

Dark (Part One)

A girl called Elena, sat in her brown disk and pulled out her diaries notebook.  All she could hear is the birds’ tweets outside her bedroom’s windows.  She grabbed her blue pen and wrote, “Dear Who, I don’t know why I write these things every day.  All I know is that I feel relieved when I write.  I am very excited about the prom party.  I worked the whole year, so I think I deserve to have some fun! The prom is in two weeks YAY!”  Suddenly, she heard the bus’s horn, so she closed her notebook in a hurry and ran down stairs.  While she opened the front door, her mother yelled ” what about breakfast?” “No need Mummy” Elena said.

Elena rode the bus.  Her best friend Nina yelled, “Here sis!” Elena saw her and sat next to her.  They started chatting and telling each other about their expectations of the prom night.  When the bus stopped in front of the school, they carry their bags.  When Nina grabbed her bag, she dropped a small bottle filled with pills.  Elena with a curiosity in her eyes took the bottle and asked her friend, “Hey what’s this?” Nina took it from Elena’s hand and said,” nothing! I just use them when I have a headache!” Elena said, “Oh good”. They carry on walking.

Elena and Nina were walking in the school’s  hall where most students run to their classes as the bells rings.  They entered the  class and sat in their seats.  The biography teacher entered the class and asked them to find a working partner, so they work together.  Nina and Elena wanted to stay together but the teacher made Nina move and stay with a boy called Ron.  She refused at first, but Ron said, “I will not kill you, take it easy”.  Nina took her books while Elena told her to relax.  When she set with Ron and started working, Ron said, “So are the bills enough to you? We want the money soon” Nina said,” soon you will get the money.  Now work!”  He said with a smile, “better we get them soon otherwise…” She looked at him and said, “What? Kill me? I told you will get the money just stop threading me!” The teacher looked at them and said, “What’s happening here?” Elena looked at them too.  Nina and Ron said, “Nothing”.  All the class kept working until the bell rang.

Nina took her stuff and walked toward the door.  Elena yelled “Nina wait for me”.  Nina looked at her and said, “Oh sorry.  I was in a hurry”.  Elena, while wearing her bag said, “What’s wrong?  You were okay this morning”.  Nina replied with a smile,” I am fine! What makes you think I am not?” Elena said,” I don’t know may be all because of this boy Ron.  What were you talking about when the teacher yelled?” Nina looked with an empty eye “Nothing! We were discussing the project”.  Elena said, “Really?”  Nina answered, “Yes! I wouldn’t lie to you!” Elena took her friend’s hand and said, “Let us race to the cafeteria friend” Nina said, “I’ll beat you”.  The best friends ran fast to the cafeteria and the whole school watches them and laughs.

In the cafeteria, Elena and Nina took their food and sat together in the table.  Elena said with excitement, “I cannot believe you are wearing your mother’s dress.  It’s precious.  Lucky you!”.  Nina looked at her friend with a smile, “Well she can’t come to the prom because you know she is dead!” Elena smiled at her friend’s humorous way of expressing.  Nina continued, “So her dress will be with me in the special night”.  “You have to come with me today!”, Elena said.  “Sure”, Nina replied.  They kept eating until the next class.

Students went out the school and they hurried to buses.  Elena hold her hair up the minute she rode the bus saying,” God! It’s hot”.  Nina looked at her, “Yes it is”.  The bus started moving and Nina suddenly saw Ron standing outside and looking at her.  she closed her blue eyes and thought,” what I am going to do?”  Elena looked at her and asked, “Are you tired?”  Nina looked at her and answered, “No I am not.  Don’t forget you are going to buy a dress today”.  Elena with a big smile said, “Yes I am!”  They laughed and talked until each of them arrived home after long day of school.

Nina entered her house and looked for her father.   Then she said to herself with a relief, “Good! He is not here”.  She ran into his room and started looking for money so she gets rid of Ron.  She found some, when she turned she saw her father who was mad and drunk as usual.  He started hitting her in the face.  He took the money from her.  Nina ran to her room crying and hoping that her mother could come back just for one day.

Elena was drinking tea her parents.  She was talking about the prom night and her parents were listening to her happily.  “I cannot believe that today I will go and buy the dress”.  Her mother laughed and asked her,” is Nina going with you?”.  Elena answered, “Of course Mummy. Although… “.  “What’s wrong sweetheart?”, her father asked her.  Elena looked at her parents and said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with Nina these days.  She is silent most of the time.  Her eyes are not sad but a bit dull, like if there is no life inside her”.  Elena’s mother hugged her saying, “May be she thinks of her mother”.  Elena said, “May be! I wish I could help her”.  Her father looked at her and told her, “You can help her by not leaving her alone honey”.

Nina was in her room.  She was looking at her face in the mirror.  She shaded a hot tear that draw a line in her sad face.  She grabbed her school bag and took the bottle of bills.  She took one and looked at it for a moment.  She said with a deep breath, “this is me, a drug dealer”.  She took the pill and hided the bottle in her school bag.  Then she opened her wallet and she could found is a couple of dollars.  “What will I do?” she said while she put her wallet in another bag and left the room.

To Be Continued

Fact: Blogging helps us to become more patient and responsible


The main reason that made me start blogging is that I wanted to be around English speakers so I could practice and enhance my English by their help.  I enjoy reading people’s posts and get to know what they think and what their beliefs are.

Then I realized that blogging actually touches your inner self! When you read a nice comment, you feel happy and proud because you’ve managed to make somebody smile or benefit from any information that you’ve given, even if it was really simple.

I also realized that I have to be patient when it comes to blogging because I may not attract people to read what I’ve written immediately, so I should produce better pieces, avoid mistakes and wait until the big hit comes! And for me this is the fun part because I like the fact that I may or may not get likes or comments.

Blogging makes me responsible upon the people who may read my posts.  I have to be respectful and honest about each word I say, without pretending.  I need to promise myself to become better and to commit to this blog and try, try and try to carry on writing.

So yes, it’s a fact.  Blogging makes us patient, responsible and excited.   It’s a community.